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Sore Throats

It is normal to suffer from time to time with a sore throat. Most commonly, these symptoms are mild and self-limiting. Recurring symptoms without a clear diagnosis are considered in the clinic, with thorough examination. On occasion, frequent infections such as tonsillitis can interfere with normal daily activities, such as work or school in which case tonsillectomy may be indicated.

Swallowing and Voice

Awkwardness on swallowing and altered voice may have simple and benign causes, such as acid reflux (heartburn). Persisting symptoms need to be properly investigated to rule out more sinister disease.

Flexible Nas-Endoscopy

Examination with a narrow endoscope gives the operator a clear view of the nasal cavity, post nasal space, the upper swallowing mechanism and the larynx (voice box). FNE can be undertaken in the clinic without the need for a separate booking.

Throat, Swallowing & Voice: Services
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